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While studying history at Providence College, Garofalo entered a comedy talent search sponsored by the Showtime cable network, winning the title of "Funniest Person in Rhode Island".

Her original gimmick was to read off her hand, which was not successful in subsequent performances.

That being series creator and self-described “right-wing nut job” Joel Surnow… Show–so by definition she’s completely awesome–but what were your dealings with Surnow like? He’s completely right wing, which you just have to deal with and realize what you’re dealing with. Not only am I not qualified to hold any office, I would not be interested in going into politics. Al Franken probably thought the same thing when he was your age. I would say thank you, you flatter me, but I am highly unqualified. You’ve collaborated onstage and on TV with Henry Rollins several times – do you ever have moments, when you’re working with him, where suddenly you go, holy shit, I’m hanging out with Henry Rollins!

He himself, I doubt, believes half the shit he says. Have you ever thought about running for political office?

Janeane Garofalo is known for biting standup, stints on SNL, The Larry Sanders Show and The West Wing, and her pioneering contributions to Air America Radio. Garofalo also continues her standup routine, performing five shows on April 17-19, at Comix (“Don’t let the name fool you. Recently, I spoke with her by phone at 8AM; only at the end of the interview did we realize that we were both on the west coast and had both woken early just to be courteous. Like ‘I went through all this, so here are my demands’? At first I passed on it because of the right-wing nature of a couple of the writers.

But it was her 2003 opposition to the Iraq War that converted Garofalo into a high-profile target for right-wing nut jobs nationwide. You suffered unimaginable right-wing abuse and death-threats in 2003. But then I realized A) I’m not being me, B) I was unemployed, and C) a very good friend of mine is on it, Mary Lynn Rajskub. There’s only one or two right wingers in the whole show, in the writer’s room.

These days he is hosting radio show on weekly basis and is writing daily columns, so he is a journalist too.Diverse American personality was born in Washington.At 3, his parents got separated and he has no other sibling. Rollins states that, he had spent a very miserable childhood as his mother’s boyfriend often tortured him.Garofalo was born in Newton, New Jersey, the daughter of Joan and Carmine Garofalo. She grew up in various places, including Ontario, California; Madison, New Jersey; and Katy, Texas.Her mother, a secretary in the petrochemical industry, died of cancer when Janeane was 24. She was quoted as having disliked life in Texas because of the heat, humidity, and the emphasis on prettiness and sports in high school.

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